What to bring

What to bring

We supply food, bedding and toys. If you wish to, you are welcome to bring :-

1. Combs and brushes. If you have a cat brush or comb, please bring it with you. We like to brush all cats if we can; it helps us make friends with them and settles them quicker.Barn Owls Black Cat

2. Something that smells of home, such as a favourite blanket, (please don't wash it!) or toys. Cats find these re-assuring.

First time boarders

One or two things from home will help settle them. We supply Hygienic Plastic Beds with Warm Comfortable Fleeces that make your cat feel more at home.. It may also help to bring your cat in for a few days trial so that they learn that our cattery is a place where he/she is safe and will see you again soon.

Cat Pens

Each pen measures 8’8” x 4’9” and has a ladder to a raised sleeping area with a heated bed in winter. The pens are triple sized and cats may share if they come from the same home and get on well together

Will our cattery suit your cat?

Different catteries suit different cats. It is worth looking at more than one to find a suitable place. You are welcome to visit us during business hours. A phone call first will be appreciated.