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Barn Owls Boarding Cattery is situated in the peaceful countryside of Manston, Kent, set in a charming environment. Our cattery is located on a privately owned 1.5-acre property, showcasing an 18th-century converted barn surrounded by trees, fields, and amiable neighboring alpacas. This creates a picturesque, serene, and relaxed atmosphere for all the cats under our care. As one of the largest boarding catteries in the South East of England, we currently offer 40 well-appointed suites.


About Us

Founded in 1996 and acquired by animal enthusiasts Paul, Jo, and their children Ben, Fleur, and Louie, along with pugs 'Bluey' and 'Bear' in April 2021, Barn Owls is a warm and inviting family.


Our Mission

At Barn Owls, our goal is to foster a calm and cozy environment where cats can feel safe and express their true selves in their dedicated spaces. We invest time in understanding each cat's needs, providing them with the attention they crave, whether through play, cuddles, or grooming, all at their own pace during their stay.



Every suite boasts a spacious layout, providing abundant room for exercise and play. Tailored to host up to three cats from the same household, each suite features a dedicated enclosed space for privacy and relaxation. Adorned with bedding, heating, and a variety of toys, accompanied by the serene sounds of nature in the background, it establishes a calm and tranquil ambiance. All suites guarantee a secure environment with locked entry doors and staff-accessible corridors, ensuring the safety of our cherished feline guests.


We are Licinced by Thanet District Coucil Licence Number: LN/201900040

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