Boarding Fees

1 Cat in a suite          £10.00 per day

2 Cats in a suite        £15.00 per day

3 Cats in a suite        £20.00 per day

Minimum fee             £30.00

Other Fees

Flea Treatment  (Advocat)         £10.00

Worming Treatment  (Drontol)   £10.00

Veterinary Courier Charge         £10.00 per visit

Out of hours collection               £25.00

Collection Delivery Service        £20.00 up to 10 miles round trip + £1 for every mile thereafter

Both the arrival day and collection days are chargeable. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Years Day will be charged at double the normal rate.

Terms & Conditions

For more detailed information about our fees and our services please read our Terms & Conditions 


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