What to bring


It's really important that cats staying with us have something that reminds them of home to help them feel relaxed and reassured during their stay. Familiar smells of home will help them relax and feel at ease whilst staying somewhere unfamiliar. If your cats have stayed at Barn Owls before we still recommend bringing some items of comfort.

Blankets & soft items

Blankets and soft items are great for retaining smells, please do not wash these items before you arrive as the scent will help your cat with the transition and comfort them during their stay.



We do supply toys and scratch posts for all our cats, however, we welcome you to bring any additional items such as their favorite toys to play with during their stay. 

Grooming tools

We like to groom all cats who welcome the fuss and attention. Although we do have grooming kits we highly recommend you bring your own brushes as the familiar smells and feel will be more welcoming for them.

Vaccination certificates

All cats must have an up to date vaccination certificate and must be seen on arrival and left with us during their stay. Worming and flea treatment must also be up to date. Please read our Boarding Requirements page for more details about vaccinations and Treatments.


Don't forget your cat's medication or any other dietary supplements they need during their stay with us.

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